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What does it mean to have an individual auction?

An individual auction is a sale that is large enough and has enough merchandise to have an auction of their own. Most individual sales or estate sales are to liquidate a large portion of items owned by a single individual.

Why have an estate sale?

The most common reason for an estate sale is the death of a family member, a retirement living estate auction or an estate liquidation for a relocation for an individual moving to a new residence.

How do I get my items on an auction?

Contact us at (785-738-8932) or to discuss what sale option is the best for you our seller.

Do I bring the items to you?

The items can be dropped off at our building or arranged for pickup at your convenience.

What does it cost me?

Your cost is dependent on what type of items you are consigning, but it will always be a percentage of your total sales. One of our salesman would be happy to visit with you about your specific items and how the percentage applies to you.