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What is an online auction?

An online auction is an auction where bidding takes place online or online and onsite both at the same time.

What is an advantage to having an online auction?

The main advantage is visibility. Having your items seen by a very wide audience equaling more potential buyers for you our seller. Another advantage is the convenience of the pre-listing and marketing. We can come to you, take photos, write a detailed description and it is ready for the public. You also have the opportunity of listing your items for a onsite and online auction together. We will sell your items in real time to both a live and online audience.

How do I get my items on an auction?

Contact us at 785-738-8932 or to discuss your sale options with one of our salesman. Our salesman will be able to point you in the right direction on what form of selling would be the most beneficial to you.

Do I bring the items for you?

For an online auction, your items do not need to be onsite. We will come to you and list your items right on site without having to transport it.

What does it cost me?

Your cost is dependent on what type of item or items you are consigning. It will always be a percentage of your gross total sales. Give our salesman a call anytime to see where you fall on our sliding commission scale.